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Quick Highliting Techniques

Quick highlighting techniques are very useful to know for several different reasons. First, they are fast; they take about 11 foils which means it should take you about 5-6 minutes to apply them. Second, they add  change to the existing haircolor and this change can be as subtle and or as dramatic as you wish. The best thing about them is that they can create an illusion of a full head highlight if performed correctly. And of course since you don’t have to sweat for an hour or two it just feels good to be able to induce such a change with a little effort and in short time.

All right, now I want to introduce to you two quick techniques. The first one is my favourite, it’s called zipper technique. It’s super easy to apply if you just follow the mental diagram.

The second is called triangle pleats.  I don’t much care about it but it’s there if you want a lot of colour just on the top.


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