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So today we’ll talk about balayage. I don’t have much experience with it though i did it a couple of times. This is a  highlighting technique done directly on the hair without foils. The tools used are brush and spatula. You apply bleach or color directly on the hair. It usually takes much less time than traditional foiling and the results are very good and natural looking though they can be funky too.

However, there are a few problems with this technique. As bleach is applied straight on the hair it has to be kept moist. Since it is not protected by foils most bleaches tend to dry quickly. Another reason since it is not in the foil it usully does not lift too well. For that reason some recommend to use high volume peroxide which is extremely dangerous and must be done by experts only. For this reason it can usually be only done on light hair (light brown and lighter). Balayage as a techniques can be performed on dark hair as well but one will be better off just using color.

Here’s some great info on balayage found in some forum. You mix your formula using bleach, high lift cream color and high volume of peroxide (usually 50-70 vol., depending on the amount of lift you want. Never use more than 80 vol. ) Remember, the mixture does not do on the scalp. The cream color makes the product lay nicely and keeps it moist. Use the rake (plastic spatula) to apply color to the ends.

The application process takes 15-20 min, no heat. You start in the back at the bottom and move up to the crown. Try to section hair at the fall line and follow natural growth pattern of the hair. You can weave pieces of different sizes and the result can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want. It is a very versatile technique and is much quicker than foiling.

Here is the video by KadusGuy perfoming balayage. It’s a superb presentation.


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